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  • Is MRI the 'Mammography' of Prostate Cancer Screening?
    Scanning might reduce unneeded biopsies and overtreatment, study suggests

  • Less Salt, Fewer Nighttime Bathroom Trips?
    Study participants also reported better quality of life, possibly from less interrupted sleep

  • Health Tip: Artificial Nails Can Damage Real Ones
    Suggestions to minimize your risk

  • Health Tip: Think You Fractured Your Foot?
    Here are first-aid suggestions

  • Breast-Feeding May Not Lead to Smarter Preschoolers
    But study suggests that children who were nursed may be less hyperactive at age 3

  • Allergic to Peanuts? Tree Nuts Might Still Be Safe
    Careful testing can determine whether you need to avoid cashews, walnuts or others, study finds

  • Health Highlights: March 27, 2017
    • Trump to Gut Obama Climate Plan
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